Q: What is the difference between the Honeymoon Highlight and the Wedding Day Recap?

A: The Honeymoon Highlight is a great feature for all our customers who select one of our Feature Film Packages. It is a creative edit which includes all the great moments from your wedding day set to several different songs. Your Honeymoon Highlight is featured on our blog within a week of your wedding day, and it will also conclude your wedding video as the Highlights segment on your Blu-Ray or DVD. The Wedding Day Recap is offered with the HD Basic and HD Plus Packages. It is still a very creative edit of all the special moments from your big day, but it is only set to one song (typically your first dance song unless you request otherwise). Your Wedding Day Recap is not posted on our blog, but will appear on your DVD (usually as the opening segment to introduce the whole video). See examples of both on our blog, Honeymoon Highlights (HH)Wedding Day Recaps (WDR). You may also create your own package by adding or replacing a HH and/or WDR.

Q: Your price is a little high for our budget right now, do we have to pay it all at once?

A: NO. All package prices are split up into payments to alleviate the burden of one lump sum. 40% at the time of booking, 40%, 1 month before your wedding or event, and the final 20% is due 3 months after your event.

Q: I received an email saying my final payment is due, but I have not received my video. Do I need to pay this final payment?

A: Technically, yes. Making that final payment lets us know you are excited and ready to receive your video. We will contact you as soon as possible to double check that we have all the materials needed (i.e. photos and song selections) to begin the editing process. Once the editing has begun, it typically takes 2 weeks to receive your video. On the flip side, though, if you have not made that final payment, and we have all the materials to begin editing your video, we will begin the edit process according to schedule. We will contact you to make you aware of this, and you may make that final payment at that point and time. We do not deliver your video until all of your payments have been paid in full. The normal turn-around time is 3-4 months after your event.

Q: Does your company specialize in Cinematography, or does it specialize in Videography?

A: The answer to that question is six for one, half dozen for the other. Apple Dictionary defines Cinematography as: “The art of making motion pictures.” And it defines Videography as: “The process or art of making video films.” What it boils down to is the media format involved. Cinematography, which is more related to major motion pictures, deals with all of the creative camera techniques when using film. Videography uses those same techniques for video. We work very hard to carefully craft a unique and creative representation of your wedding day using video cameras. Luckily, we use state-of-the-art cameras which have a very film like look to their images. Whether you would like to call us cinematographers or videographers is your preference, we won’t be offended either way.

Q: We booked your services and made our payments, when can we expect to hear from you before the wedding day?

A: We always contact our brides the week of the wedding day. Your specific videographer will contact you by phone and go over the details of your day. It’s usually a 5 minute conversation where we get to say hi and take note of any specifics which may differ from what we have on your questionnaire.

Q: How long will the finished, edited video be?

A: It depends on the length of your day, the package you choose and the overall activity. For example, some ceremonies are 10 minutes, some are over an hour. Some receptions are 5 hours, some 4 and some 6. Some receptions are non-stop with all traditional festivities and some are less wild. We love the variety, but it does factor into the final length of your edited video. Some toasts are 5 minutes or less, some are over 15 minutes. See what we mean? Generally, the final length is between 50-90 minutes.

Q: How far do you travel and is it extra?

A: We travel from Philadelphia to Cape May at no additional charge. There is a modest travel fee if over 50 miles from our Tabernacle office. Don’t sweat it, it’s not much. We can cover your wedding anywhere, even destinations. We have produced many weddings far beyond our region.

Q: What does the Pre-Ceremony & Pre-Reception include?

A: We will produce a 3-4 minute segment of both. Prior to your ceremony, we will film you and guests arriving, along with various visually appealing moments and sound bites setting the tone for everyone’s eager anticipation to your vow exchange and ceremony. The pre-reception segment includes all the great times leading up to your reception, such as, exit from church or ceremony location, photos in park or beach and cocktail hour. Each segment is very creatively edited and you will love it. Examples can be found on our blog.

Q: Do you need to coordinate our day with the photographer, wedding planner or venue?

A: Not really. The 2 questionnaires that you fill out, prior to your wedding, provide us with 95% of the information we need to know about you and your day. The other 5%, and any unexpected changes or surprises, will be easily obtained on your wedding day. We have been producing weddings for a very long time. We work politely and cohesively with all of your chosen professionals, so the outcome of your entire day, (not just your video), exceeds your expectations.

Q: Where is our priceless footage stored and how is it protected?

A: First of all, your video will be produced in High-Definition using some of the finest cameras and equipment in the business. Everything is recorded to digital cards and drives. Each camera captures duplicate files, just in case 1 card fails. This has only happened once in 5 years, since this technology began. Fortunately, we had duplicate files, so no one knew it happened but us. When we return to our studio, we back up your footage on at least 3 separate hard drive, (including a RAID drive) for protection. Furthermore, for ultimate protection of your priceless footage, it is stored in at least 2 physical locations. You have our promise to protect your memories!

Q: How is our video delivered?

A: Depending on your package, either DVD, Blu-ray or both. Additionally, we can now deliver your video on one of our custom USB products. See our Memory Store for details and pick your favorite. It’s a great way to store your wedding video on your computer, tablet or phone. It is encoded for iOS and Android, so you can watch and share your wedding video on-the-go.

Q: Can we customize a package or do we have to choose one of the four?

A: We would be glad to customize a package especially for you. Most of the time, couples will pick one of our cost saving packages, but we would be glad to design something that meets your needs and budget. It would be our pleasure.

If you have any other questions, that were not answered above, please call or text; 609-268-7044 or email us and we would be happy to answer.