Top aspects of great wedding videography


Videos are taking over. From social media to recording events, the video trend is taking off at an inconceivable rate. Recording events is the new way to experience any occasion. Photos are fantastic, but videos allow you to hear every voice, see a full reaction, and watch every second of an important event. It’s no mystery as to why couples prefer hiring a professional videographer for their big day.

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Enjoy your honeymoon even more with our Honeymoon Highlight!


While your wedding day is centered around celebrating your nuptials with your closest loved ones, your honeymoon is where the real celebration begins. You will have a great time on your wedding day, and even more so when you and you partner can say your last goodbyes, and head off to your honeymoon suite where you can finally catch your breath after such a long, crazy, wonderful day.

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Do not hire a “jack of all trades” as your videographer!


When a leak springs in your house, you go to the source to find that your plumbing needs some serious attention. Now it is time to hire a professional, and the first service you come upon is a handyman that can “fix all of your household needs”. This is what we call a jack of all trades. They may be somewhat skilled in many fields, but hiring a plumber is your best option. They are professionally trained to specialize in plumbing issues. They will be able to determine the problem and go straight to the source, because this is what they were specifically trained to do, and they have spent a lot of time perfecting their skills.

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Kendra & Dan

October 29th, 2016 was a beautiful autumn day filled with happiness and tears of joy as Kendra & Dan sealed their commitment to each other.  Jay and Zac both couldn’t say enough about how great the day was, they really enjoyed being with you guys!   Read More and React

Kirsten & Jon

It was one of those epic weddings with two really fun people.  Kirsten & Jon united in marriage on an absolutely perfect Autumn day in South Jersey.  We started at the houses as everyone geared up for the next 12 hours of emotion and excitement. Read More and React

Common wedding video fails to watch out for (that we certainly will not make)! – Part 2


It is important to remember that not everyone with a video camera, no matter how impressive the quality is, can produce a wedding video that you and your partner can be proud of and actually enjoy watching. Your wedding video should capture the personality that you share as a couple, and it should feature every important highlight of your big day.

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Daina & Mike

October 15, 2016 was no ordinary day! It was the best day of Daina & Mike’s life, and incredibly special for all of their family and closest friends. We joined the couple for their wedding at the beautiful Scotland Run in Williamstown, NJ, on a beautiful Autumn day. Read More and React

Alison & Brian

Wow, this one was surely one of the happiest days for family, friends & of course, the Bride & Groom!  We started the day with Alison getting ready at her parent’s house, and then made our way to the church to witness them become married!   Read More and React

Lauren & Joe

Absolutely perfect! Lauren & Joe’s love was celebrated on this special day, Friday, October 14, 2016 in South Jersey.  We began our coverage at the houses.  Many fun and emotional moments were captured with the bride and groom, along with their family and friends. Read More and React

Deidre & Matt


It really is one of life’s special privileges, to meet and work with such great people.  Deidre & Matt, along with their family and friends definitely fall into this category!  We had so much fun spending their wedding day with them on Friday, October 7, 2016!   Read More and React