Kirsten & Jon

It was one of those epic weddings with two really fun people.  Kirsten & Jon united in marriage on an absolutely perfect Autumn day in South Jersey.  We started at the houses as everyone geared up for the next 12 hours of emotion and excitement. Read More and React

Common wedding video fails to watch out for (that we certainly will not make)! – Part 2


It is important to remember that not everyone with a video camera, no matter how impressive the quality is, can produce a wedding video that you and your partner can be proud of and actually enjoy watching. Your wedding video should capture the personality that you share as a couple, and it should feature every important highlight of your big day.

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Daina & Mike

October 15, 2016 was no ordinary day! It was the best day of Daina & Mike’s life, and incredibly special for all of their family and closest friends. We joined the couple for their wedding at the beautiful Scotland Run in Williamstown, NJ, on a beautiful Autumn day. Read More and React

Alison & Brian

Wow, this one was surely one of the happiest days for family, friends & of course, the Bride & Groom!  We started the day with Alison getting ready at her parent’s house, and then made our way to the church to witness them become married!   Read More and React

Lauren & Joe

Absolutely perfect! Lauren & Joe’s love was celebrated on this special day, Friday, October 14, 2016 in South Jersey.  We began our coverage at the houses.  Many fun and emotional moments were captured with the bride and groom, along with their family and friends. Read More and React

Deidre & Matt


It really is one of life’s special privileges, to meet and work with such great people.  Deidre & Matt, along with their family and friends definitely fall into this category!  We had so much fun spending their wedding day with them on Friday, October 7, 2016!   Read More and React

Common wedding video fails to watch out for (that we certainly will not make)! – Part 1


Hiring a videographer to capture all of those amazing moments that happen on your wedding day is a great way to hold those memories close through the years. Having the option to have these moments, available to your forever, and ready for you to share with all of your loved ones and even your future friends and family, truly is wonderful. Hiring a wedding videographer to document all of the joy and happiness that will occur on your big day is the perfect opportunity to hear those giggles of your adorable flower girls again, see the tears well up in your partner’s eyes as they see you in your bridal ensemble for the first time and being able to hear the heartwarming speeches from your loved ones, even after the celebration has ended.

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Incorporate these first-look trends into your wedding video


A lot of the time, when we deliver big news or show off something new, we judge people’s true feelings by their initial reactions. Announcing that you have been accepted to college, or that you have been hired for that job that you worked so hard to obtain or even announcing that you are marrying the person of your dreams, it is likely that you will judge your loved ones’ true feelings by their first reactions as well, and this is where the first-looks come into play within weddings.

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Do not let your friends film your wedding, hire a professional!

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, as you and your partner are ideally only going to get married once, so it is important to enjoy every moment while it lasts! Once your big day is over, those moments will become a memory, and luckily, if you hire a videographer, you will be able to fondly look back on your wedding day in all its glory, allowing your memories to never fade.

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Great ideas for your wedding video

Your big day will have so many great memories, and it is likely that you will want to see them again and again. The joy that your family shares with your partner’s family as they become one big family is truly amazing; New friendships will be formed, and your newly combined family will start bonding, marking the first group of memories that will start to be created.

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