Look Fantastic Within Your Wedding Video with These Beauty Tips

Before your big day, you are likely taking every precaution to look your absolute best, and beauty tips will certainly assist you in doing so.

From natural remedies to avoiding bad foods, no step is forgotten. After all, only the best will do for your once in a lifetime wedding. However, have you considered what you can do to look absolutely incredible within your wedding video?

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Incorporate Black and White into Your Wedding Video

While color is gorgeous, black and white offers its own sense of beauty.

From your colorful centerpieces to your bright décor, your wedding day offers many lovely hues. These are lovely within your wedding video. However, you can bring a unique and artistic element to your wedding film with the addition of black and white.

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Creative Wedding Poses for Your Video

Your big day will be filled with wedding poses, whether they be organic or not.

Staring into your partner’s eyes as you promise to love them forever, raising a glass to toast to your new commitment in life, and even dancing with your partner for the first time…these are all moments that will create heartwarming memories from your big day. Capturing them all on video is a lovely way to preserve these special occasions within wedding.

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Wedding Videography Tips for Your Big Day

From your vows to your first dance, there will be many memories within your wedding that you will want to revisit later, and this can be done by knowing some great wedding videography tips.

Capturing your wedding with a videographer allows you to preserve those special moments, so that you can watch or share them later. Not only do you get to watch your wedding from a different perspective, but it also highlights the incredible moments that you may not have seen for yourself, such as your grandparents dancing or nieces and nephews playing together.

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Capturing These Moments Within Your Wedding Video Will Have You Smiling

Your wedding day will be filled with heartwarming and memorable moments, from getting ready with your best friends to driving off with your true love, newly married, you will be able to remember each within your wedding video. You will be making memories that will last a lifetime. You will certainly remember these moments fondly throughout the years. But, wouldn’t it be incredible to watch them again, whenever you want?

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You Should Be Comfortable Within Your Wedding Video!

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Your wedding video will be how you will remember your big day! So, the last thing you would want is appear awkward, uncomfortable or unnatural within it. As you are being filmed, it is important that you feel completely comfortable, as if you don’t, it will certainly show throughout your production. Most importantly, your videographer should aid you in ensuring that you are completely at ease.

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Top aspects of your videographer’s experience

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There are so many elements that go into creating a wedding, and even more views of it. From the flower girl walking down the aisle, seeing chairs as big as her and leaving a trail of petals behind her, to your caterer who is handing out delicious food that your guests will just want to dig their teeth into. Every single person will view your wedding differently than you.

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Experience is important when it comes to your videographer!

Alliance Video Productions 01-16-17

Planning a wedding can be quite the shocking experience. You will search high and low for the best vendors to be a part of your big day. Your once in a lifetime event deserves only the best. Every vendor should be highly recommended, meet your budget, and mesh well with your personal style and personality. Another key characteristic is experience!

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Flaunt some perfect poses within your wedding video

Alliance Video Productions 01-09-17

Your wedding video is going to capture the beautiful festivities within your big day. From the natural moments to the planned and perfectly recited moments, your wedding video will highlight all the best. Most of your video will be natural and a recording of what happened, but you can still flash your own unique style and character with a few great poses.

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Consider having an unplugged wedding


Your day is going to be filled with beautiful, breathtaking moments, from your vows to your first dance. It can be difficult to enjoy every photo taken of you or even pay attention to every single camera. Scrolling through wedding photos that others took of you, you may see some photos that just don’t do your big day justice. If you want to avoid this, you can consider having an unplugged wedding, allowing your videographer and photographer to capture all of the beauty.

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A wedding video is worth it!


You have likely heard it all before, “your love is unique” “your love is special” “there is no love like yours”. While those statements may become irritatingly repetitive, they still hold true. Your wedding day is special, but mostly to you and your partner. Your family gains a new family member as well as your partner’s whole family, and vice versa. But, it’s truly about you and your partner celebrating your commitment to each other.

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Top tips to creating a cinematic wedding video – Part 2


Your wedding video is an important way to remember your big day fondly. So, it’s vital that it be created with care, as well as in the style that you love, such as cinematic. With so many wedding video styles, choosing the one that is best for your day will provide you with a production that you can enjoy watching again and again.

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Top tips to creating a cinematic wedding video – Part 1


From the moment you and your partner met, you have been forming your own love story. Sappy moments lead to heartfelt conversations. Your first kiss lead to many more, and your first embrace lead to that joyous embrace following the proposal. The words you have shared and the memories you have made are unique to your relationship. Your wedding day is surely going to be just as unique.

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